Pipet Aid® XL Portable Pipetting Device, Drummond Scientific

Pipet Aid® XL Portable Pipetting Device, Drummond Scientific
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Pipetting under a hood doesn’t need to be a pain in the neck.

  • Quiet, Efficient Pipet Pump Reduces Noise and Extends Power between Charges
  • Chargeable while in Use
  • Long, Lightweight Handle Lowers User Position to Reduce Head, Neck, and Arm Strain
  • Three-Speed Settings Provide More Precise Pipetting Control
  • Adjustable Sliding Hand Rest

Designed to reduce fatigue when pipetting under a hood, the portable Pipet Aid XL combines several ergonomic innovations to facilitate difficult pipetting procedures

The design includes an adjustable sliding hand rest and a removeable stand that enables the unit to be set down without risk of contamination. A quiet, efficient pump extends operation periods between charges, and the pipet device can be charged while in use to further eliminate downtime. Three speed settings allow for more precise control in both aspirate and dispense modes.

The pipetting device has a long handle to reduce the amount of arm lift required to perform pipetting operations.

Ordering information: This kit includes a charger, four extra filters, a holster wall bracket, and a removable stand.