Orbitron Rotators, Boekel Scientific

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Orbitron Rotators, Boekel Scientific
Shakers and Mixers Rotating/Rocking Shakers
Gentle, uniform, low-foam mixing action suitable for immunoassays, hybridizations, mixing blood samples, coupling affinity chromatography media, and DNA extractions

Rotator I features a fixed speed of 20rpm and tilt of 23°. Rotator II features variable speed of 6–23rpm and tilt of 0–23°.

Compact unit has 30.5cm (12") square platform. Dimpled pad on platform accepts a variety of sizes of tubes simultaneously with no need for racks or clamps. Pad is removable for easy cleaning and test tube transport.

Ordering information: Rotator I is supplied with one dimpled pad. Rotator II is supplied with one dimpled pad and one flat, nonskid pad. Accessory tray kit includes a 20.3cm (8") platform, one dimpled pad, and one flat, nonskid pad.