MaxQ™ 4450 Benchtop Incubating Orbital Shakers, Thermo Scientific

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MaxQ™ 4450 Benchtop Incubating Orbital Shakers, Thermo Scientific
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Ideal for solubility studies, extraction procedures, cell cultures, diagnostic tests, dissolution testing, hybridization, bacterial suspensions, staining, destaining, and washing procedures

Analog units feature gentle stirring to vigorous agitation with variable 40–400rpm speed control using a rotary dial. An integrated tachometer monitors and displays speed in rpm to guarantee accurate setting, a timer allows for continuous operation or timed shaking from 1–60 minutes, and an easy-to-read LED display shows temperature.

Digital units feature variable speed control from 15–500rpm, adjustable with push-button controls on membrane keypad, and a solid-state brushless DC motor. Three separate LED displays indicate temperature, speed, and operating time. Platform rotation stops and audible and visual signals indicate deviations of ±10% of set speed. Visual/audible signals also indicate temperature deviations and heat turns off if temperature deviates ±1°C from setpoint. Timer allows for continuous operation or timed shaking from 0.1–999 minutes, or from 0.1–999 hours. Soft-start feature helps prevent sudden starts and stops to eliminate splashing of vessel contents and wetting of flask closure.

The upright chiller is required when temperatures from 20 to 30°C (60 to 86°F) in the shaker chamber are required. The chiller pumps a mixture of ethylene glycol and water through a cooling coil in the shaker. A fan blows air over the cooling coil to obtain a refrigerated atmosphere. The upright chiller can only be used with shakers that contain a cooling coil.

Units incubate a small number of vessels such as Erlenmeyer flasks, microwell plates, or test tubes. Monitor and control chamber temperature with PID temperature controller. Visual, user-adjustable overtemperature safety signal with independent thermostat provides additional backup by controlling the heat if the main controller fails. Triple eccentric drive enables continuous 24-hour operation, handles heavier loads, and provides smooth uniform agitation of full or unbalanced loads even at high speeds. A safety interlock stops the platform motion when the clear polycarbonate lid is open. Shakers accept 33x28cm (13x11") platforms that accommodate four 1L flasks.

Certifications: UL and C-UL listed. CE marked.

Ordering information: Five-year manufacturer’s warranty on parts, one-year warranty on labor, and lifetime warranty on drive mechanism. For platforms, see 57018-990 and 72890-180 series. For clamps, see 97007-248 series. For tube racks, see 80080-554 series.