MaxQ™ 6000 Digital Incubating and Refrigerating Stackable Orbital Shakers, Thermo Scientific

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MaxQ™ 6000 Digital Incubating and Refrigerating Stackable Orbital Shakers, Thermo Scientific
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The MaxQ™ 6000 orbital shakers have been designed for plasmid purification, protein expression, genetic research, solubility studies, bacteria and yeast growth, metabolism studies, and hybridization applications

Shakers feature a durable powder-coated, cold-rolled steel exterior and a corrosion-resistant stainless steel interior chamber that accommodates a variety of 45.7x45.7cm (18x18") universal and dedicated platforms. A large viewing window in the door and an internal light allow for constant sample visibility. Two adjustable-height, perforated, stainless steel shelves provide additional storage space for incubating samples, and can hold up to 9kg (20lbs.) each. Keypad controls are located at the unit's base for easy access. An electrical outlet within the chamber provides power for safe operation of stirrers, shakers, and rotators.

Shakers are powered by a triple-eccentric drive mechanism with three shafts supporting the platform for smooth and uniform operation, excellent product yields, routine handling of heavy workloads, and continuous 24-hour operation. The maintenance-free DC brushless motor provides variable speed control, allowing gentle stirring to vigorous agitation of samples. A PID microprocessor controller precisely monitors and controls the chamber temperature with an accuracy of ±1°C at the calibrated temperature. Timed studies can be performed, adjustable from 0.1 to 999 minutes or hours, or the units can be set for continuous operation. Visible/audible signals alert user to temperature and rotation speed deviations. A secondary, backup heat control protects samples in the event of a main controller failure. Speed, operating time, and temperature settings can all be viewed simultaneously on three separate LED displays. An unbalanced load alarm will stop operation to prevent the unit from walking. A soft-start feature eliminates splashing of vessel contents and wetting of flask closure by preventing sudden starts and stops.

Accessory stacking kits are available to convert single units to a stack of two units. Seismic restraints will bolt the MaxQ™ 6000 to the floor and wall when stacked.

They can be used as single units or stacked to save space in the laboratory.

Certifications: UL and C-UL listed. CE marked.

Ordering information: Manufacturer's five-year warranty on parts, one-year warranty on labor, and lifetime warranty on mechanism. All accessories must be ordered separately.