Slide Drying Bench, Electrothermal

Supplier: Cole-Parmer

48573-01 MH6616X1
15156-120EA 1498.97 USD
15156-120 CA15156-120
Slide Drying Bench, Electrothermal
Slide Warmers/Dryers
For drying slides at the mounting stage in histology applications.

Dries slides according to user preferences: level across drying bars, angled from drying bars, or flat without drying bars. Bench has over 645cm2 (100in.2) of heated surface and accepts up to fifty 3x1" slides. Features power-on and heater-on indicators. Replacement elements are easily fitted by user.

For 230V model, contact your VWR sales representative.

Equipped with built-in energy regulator (for AC only).