PYREX® Resin Reaction Kettles, Corning®

6947-3L 6947-4L 6947-2L 6947-1L 6947-500
36390-086 36390-100 36390-064 36390-042 36390-020
PYREX® Resin Reaction Kettles, Corning®
Reaction Vessels Reaction Vessels, Cylindrical Shape
For organic reactions involving viscous materials

Wide mouth, easy access for cleaning. The 500mL kettles have interchangeable covers with four openings for [ST] 24/40 joints. The 1000, 2000, 3000, and 4000mL sizes have three openings for [ST] 24/40 joints and one opening for [ST] 34/45 joint. Flanges are finely ground for tight seal.