Whatman Polydisc TF Filter, Whatman products (Cytiva)

Whatman™ Polydisc™ Polydisc™
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Whatman Polydisc TF Filter, Whatman products (Cytiva)
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Cytiva's Polydisc TF is a lightweight filter with high chemical and solvent resistance that is particularly suitable for protective vents, in-line filtration, and isolation applications.

  • Chemically resistant hydrophobic PTFE membrane is well suited as a solvent filter for many different solutions
  • Filter can be autoclaved multiple times without losing integrity
  • Integrity-testable (bubble point or water breakthrough pressure in situ methods)
  • Lightweight to prevent tube collapsing

The Whatman filter line from Cytiva's business offers a wide range of high throughput, in-line options

Polydisc TF aggressive solvent filter.

Explore the Polydisc range to find the right disc filter for your application.