Eppendorf® Microcentrifuges, 5418/5418R

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Eppendorf® Microcentrifuges, 5418/5418R
Centrifuges Microcentrifuges
Ultra-compact, 18-place microcentrifuges are quiet and user-friendly

The rotor, with unique QuickLock lid, offers fast and secure lid locking with only 1/4 of a turn. The rotor provides an aerosol-tight containment for safe centrifugation of hazardous samples such as viruses, pathogen bacteria, blood samples, or radioactive probes. Rotor comes standard.

Supplied with a certified aerosol-tight rotor, with click-lock lid for fast and reliable lid locking. Centrifuge lid closes with one-finger soft-touch for ergonomic operation, and opens automatically at end of run for easy sample removal. Rotor bowl is uniquely contoured for noise reduction. Additional features include full-digit display, rotary knob operation, and automatic one-button switching between speed and RCF readouts. Speed and RCF are adjustable in increments of 100.

Certifications: UL and C-UL Listed. CSA Certified.

Ordering information: Supplied with rotor, three-wire power cord, and manufacturer's two-year warranty for parts and labor.