AllSpin™ JS-5.3 Swinging Bucket Rotors, Beckman Coulter®


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CABK368690 BK368690 CABK969314 BK969314
AllSpin™ JS-5.3 Swinging Bucket Rotors, Beckman Coulter®
Centrifuges Rotors
Four-place, swinging bucket rotors for use in Avanti™ J-E (BK369001) and J-26 XP and XPI (BK393124 series) centrifuges.

  • Ideal for Rapid Sedimentation
  • Rotor Buckets Included
  • Interchangeable Buckets and Microplate Carriers
  • Suitable For Sucrose/Glycerol Gradients, Centrifugal Filtration, and Binding Studies

Anodized aluminum rotors are ideal for rapid sedimentation of protein precipitates, large particles, cells, and cell debris

Both models are supplied with rotor buckets; model BK969314 includes a microplate carrier kit with four microplate carriers and four pads. Buckets and microplate carriers are interchangeable. Rotors accommodate four 500 mL bottles (with buckets) or 24 microplates (with microplate carriers).

Suitable for sucrose/glycerol gradients, centrifugal filtration, and binding studies.

Accessories information: Conical bottom adapter requires a cushion to be placed at bottom.

Ordering information: Aeroseal™ cover features an O-ring seal for added aerosol protection.