JA-17 Fixed-Angle Rotor, Beckman Coulter®

369691 369691
CABK369691 BK369691
JA-17 Fixed-Angle Rotor, Beckman Coulter®
Centrifuges Rotors
Aluminum, 14-place, and fixed-angle rotor is for use in the Avanti™ J-25 XP and XPIBK393124 series and J-EBK369001 and J6-MIBK360291 centrifuges.

  • Applications: Harvesting Bacteria and Cell membranes, Processing Tissue Homogenates, and Separating
  • Cell Particulates
  • Rotor Accommodates Fourteen 50 mL Tubes
  • Maximum Speed: 17,000 g
  • Router Capacity: 700 mL
  • Approximant Acceleration Time: 2:30

It is ideal for high-force, large-volume applications, including pelleting bacteria, harvesting cell membranes, and separating subcellular organelles.

It accommodates fourteen 50 mL tubes.