96-Well Deep Well Plates, Round Wells, Axygen Scientific

P-DW-20-C P-96-450V-C-S P-DW-11-C-S P-DW-500-C-S P-DW-12-HC P-DW-12-HC-S P-DW-500-C P-DW-20-C-S P-DW-20CSIND P-DW-500-C-SI
10011-942 490005-364 47734-788 89182-904 89230-174 89230-176 89182-902 10011-944 47749-930 89182-906
96-Well Deep Well Plates, Round Wells, Axygen Scientific
Microplates Deep Well Microplates
These polypropylene plates are specially designed for high throughput screening, sample collection, compound storage, compound libraries, and combinatorial chemistry applications

The unique round-well geometry maximizes volume while reducing the tendency for crystal “creep” common in square-well plates. Low Profile Plates are ideal for storage applications due to their space-saving design. The robust construction of the plates makes them ideal for robotic handling and allows them to withstand centrifuging up to 4000 g. Certified RNase-, DNase-, and endotoxin-free. Autoclavable.

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