96-Well Plate Lids, Greiner Bio-One

Supplier: Greiner bio-one

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96-Well Plate Lids, Greiner Bio-One
Lids Microplate Lids
Made of polycarbonate or polystyrene resin, these lids are best suited for chimney-well style 96-well plates in cell culture applications.

  • Polycarbonate or polystyrene resin construction
  • Fully skirted lids
  • Free of RNase and DNase
  • Nonpyrogenic

Half-area plates maintain ANSI/SBS standards and well-to-well pitch, yet feature a well diameter design that offers one-half the well surface area of standard plates

Standard full skirt lids allow easy gripping of the lid manually or robotically. Low-profile lids feature a partial skirt, facilitating robotic gripping of the plate while the lid remains on. Two corner notches on each lid assure proper plate-to-lid orientation, minimizing cross-contamination. Lids with condensation rings minimize both evaporation and cross-contamination. Black opaque lids are ideal when a loose cover is required to shield light-sensitive assays or compounds.

Lids are RNase-free, DNase-free, and nonpyrogenic.

This format allows a 50% sample volume reduction without moving to high well density plates. Half-area plates feature a medium binding polystyrene surface, which is ideal for work with nonpolar proteins and peptides.