JS-4.2 and JS-4.2A Swinging Bucket Rotors, Beckman Coulter®

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JS-4.2 and JS-4.2A Swinging Bucket Rotors, Beckman Coulter®
Centrifuges Rotors
These windshielded, six-place rotors with aluminum rotor yoke and removable, aluminum swinging buckets are for use in the Avanti™ J6-MI centrifuge.

  • Ideal for Rapid Sedimentation of Protein Precipitates, Large Particles, Cells, and Cell debris
  • Suitable for Binding Studies and Separating Serum from Whole Blood
  • ARIES™ Smart Balance Technology Included
  • Capacity of 6 L or Six Blood Bags
  • Windshielded

They are ideal for rapid sedimentation of protein precipitates, large particles, cells, and cell debris and suitable for binding studies and separating serum from whole blood.

Rotor JS-4.2A features ARIES Smart Balance technology that provides imbalance compensation for rotors with buckets that are unbalanced by up to 100 g. Both rotors have a capacity of 6 L or six blood bags. The buckets are interchangeable with microplate carriers (sold separately); each carrier holds three microtiter plates.

Ordering information: Aeroseal™ cover for round buckets features an O-ring seal for added aerosol protection. For Multi-Disc™ adapters, see BK339100 series.