MegaMag Genie™ Magnetic Stirrers, Scientific Industries

QuadMag Genie™
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MegaMag Genie™ Magnetic Stirrers, Scientific Industries
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Large volume magnetic stirrers are designed for large capacity applications

Powerful rare earth magnets automatically pull stir bars into position and stay coupled under the most demanding stirring conditions. The rugged ABS/polycarbonate housing and heavy-duty motor offer exceptional magnetic force and provide extended reliability. Stirrers feature non-skid feet to prevent the unit from moving during operation. The MegaMag Genie™ stirrers feature simple analog controls that allow user to easily change the desired speed. The digital MegaMag Genie™ stirrers feature true speed readout with feedback control that is adjustable in 10rpm increments. Digital unit also includes an adjustable timer. The analog and digital MegaMag Genie™ stirrers can stir up to 38L (10gal.)

Ordering information: The 230V units do not include a plug.