FlexiRack™ Pipetting Workstation, Argos Technologies

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FlexiRack™ Pipetting Workstation, Argos Technologies
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This versatile centrifuge tube rack can be utilized as both a storage system and workstation

All inserts are constructed of durable polypropylene. Red inserts accommodate twelve 0.5mL tubes, purple inserts accommodate twelve 1.5mL tubes, green inserts accommodate seven 5mL tubes, blue inserts accommodate four 15mL tubes, and orange inserts accommodate three 50mL tubes. Red support brackets allow users to build multi-tiered storage or workstation systems. The disposable polypropylene reservoir basins feature a V-shaped design for maximum sample recovery. Inserts and basins are autoclavable.

The modular design allows users to create a rack based on specific application requirements. It can accommodate tubes from 0.5–50mL. Easy release tabs allow users to quickly change inserts, which are color-coded to simplify content identification. The tiered design provides simultaneous viewing of all tubes. The system's small footprint and large tube capacity maximize laboratory space.

Ordering information: The Complete FlexiRack™ System is supplied with two red inserts, six purple inserts, two blue inserts, two orange inserts, and support brackets. The Flexirack™ System with Brackets is supplied as a base with brackets only (inserts not included). All inserts, brackets, and basins sold separately.