Sterile Foam Applicators, Qiagen

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Sterile Foam Applicators, Qiagen
Swabs Swabs for Sampling
Collection of saliva and buccal cells for easy collection and transfer to Indicating FTA cards.

The nonabrasive head of the foam tipped applicator is the same size as the sample area on Indicating FTA Cards to facilitate sample application.

OmniSwab is a sterile buccal cell collection swab used for reference sample collection. The absorbent material is specifically designed for buccal cell and saliva collection. OmniSwab has an ejectable head that facilitates oral sampling and enables DNA extraction directly from the swab head using standard purification protocols. OmniSwab collection swabs are individually packaged in a clean-room environment and sterilized by gamma irradiation. They can be incorporated into custom kits for buccal and saliva sample collection or purchased separately.