Nunc® Sampling and Transport System, Thermo Scientific

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Nunc® Sampling and Transport System, Thermo Scientific
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A sampling and transport system designed for safe, secure handling and transport of biological specimens.

The system consists of two vials: an inner Universal Container and an outer Transport Container. The inner universal container is a self-standing clear polystyrene tube with molded graduations to 25ml that slips inside the outer transport container. Universal container’s polyethylene cap is specially designed to prevent droplets from adhering to it, reducing the risk of aerosol formations when cap is removed. The outer transport container provides a second liquid barrier to protect against biological hazard. It is made of transparent polypropylene with a polyethylene cap, allowing for visual inspection prior to opening. Outer transport container will not break during normal transport procedures.

Ordering information: Universal containers are available plain, printed with a writing surface on the tube, and/or with a spoon attached to the cap. Universal containers and transport containers sold separately.