Blue Bandit™, Ultra Pure Grade protein stain

K217-1L K217-250ML
97065-002 97064-838
Blue Bandit™, Ultra Pure Grade protein stain
Blue Bandit™
  • Ultra pure grade
  • Sensitivity below 20 ng of protein per band
  • No methanol or acetic acid—uses water for destaining
  • Ready-to-use stain

Blue BANDit™ is a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative
to traditional Coomassie® Blue staining procedures. This ready-to-use stain utilizes deionized water for destaining, thereby reducing the handling of hazardous materials and solvent waste in the lab. The easy protocol requires a pre-wash in water for 15 minutes, 1 hour of staining in Blue BANDit™, and a final water wash for 30 minutes. As the bands appear on the gel, the background remains clear, providing excellent visibility of proteins.