VWR Life Science Stripping Buffers

Supplier: VWR

N552-500ML N552-1L N592-500ML N552-15ML N592-500ML N166-1L N552-500ML N552-1L N166-1L N552-15ML
97064-220 97064-218 97064-242 CA97063-212 CA97064-242 CA97063-134 CA97064-220 CA97064-218 97063-134 97063-212
VWR Life Science Stripping Buffers
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VWR offers three stripping buffers to accommodate the wide range of conditions that may be needed to remove different antibodies from blots.

  • ReView™ Buffer Solution
  • Save money and time
  • Compare detection of different antibodies on a single blot
  • Gentle ReView™ Buffer
  • Odor-free, room-temperature procedure—No hood needed
  • Minimize loss of valuable antigen
  • Vantage ReView™ Stripping B