VWR Life Science Bradford Method Protein Assay Kit

M173-KIT M172-1L
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VWR Life Science Bradford Method Protein Assay Kit
Assays Protein Assays
  • Sensitive, fast and consistent protein assay kit
  • Determine protein concentrations from 1-100 μg

The Bradford Protein Assay is the preferred colorimetric assay for quantifying total protein concentration. Based upon complex formation between basic and aromatic amino acid residues with Coomassie® Brilliant Blue G-250 dye, the Bradford method is easier, faster, and more sensitive than the Lowry method. The standard protocol is used for measuring 10-100 μg of protein and the microassay is used for measuring 1-10 μg of protein. For maximum convenience, Bradford Reagent and 0.5 mg/ml BSA standard solution are offered individually or as components of a kit.

Ordering information: Includes:
Bradford Reagent, I L
Albumin, Bovine – 0.5 mg/ml Standard, 1.5 ml