VWR Life Science NZCYM Broth, Powder

VWR Life Science NZCYM Broth, Powder
Media for Microbiology Dehydrated Media for Microbiology
NZCYM Broths contain NZ-Amine A, a source of high quality amino acids derived from the enzymatic digestion of casein

  • Save time using premixed and ready-to-use media
  • Homogenous and high quality powders

Yeast extract and casamino acids in NZCYM medium provide vitamins and free amino acids. This formulations contain sodium chloride and magnesium sulfate that provide ions used in osmotic regulation and enzymatic reactions, including DNA replication.The rich assortment of nutrients in NZCYM Powders allows Escherichia coli to grow rapidly because they do not need to synthesize nucleotide precursors and other factors needed for growth.

Suspend 23 g of NZCYM Broth, Powder in 1 L of purified water.Allow the powder to dissolve with gentle stirring and heating, if necessary.Adjust the pH to 7.5 with sodium hydroxide.Autoclave for 15 minutes at 15 psi at 121°C. Note: Alternatively, medium may be sterile-filtered.Allow the solution to cool to 50°C or below before adding supplemental components and antibiotic.

1L of prepared media contains 10 grams of NA-Amine A, 1 gram of Casamino Acids, 5 grams of Yeast Extract, 5 grams of sodium chloride and 2 grams of magnesium sulfate.

Used for the preparation of media for the growth of lambda phages

Store NZCYM Broth powder at room temperature (18 to 26°C). Store prepared medium cold (2 to 8°C).