VWR Life Science HistoChoice® MB (Molecular Biology) Tissue Fixative, 1X

H120-4L H120-1L
97060-980 97060-978
VWR Life Science HistoChoice® MB (Molecular Biology) Tissue Fixative, 1X
Stains Staining Fixatives
  • Non-formalin-based tissue fixative for molecular biology applications
  • Preserves native state antigenic and nucleic acid sites
  • Tissues retain natural look and feel compared to formalin fixed tissues
  • A safe, non-toxic fixative—contains no formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde or mercury

Specially formulated to preserve antigenic sites (for antibody probes) and nucleic acid sites (for in situ hybridizations) in their native state, making pre-digestion or other recovery procedures for these important sites unnecessary. Primary antibodies can often be diluted several-fold due to the increased number of preserved antigenic sites, saving cost on every slide that is processed. HistoChoice® MB provides superior sensitivity, allowing markers to be observed at lower antibody levels. It makes an excellent transport medium and can be safely washed down the drain upon neutralization in most facilities. Directly replaces common fixatives, including formaldehyde-based, alcohol-based, Zenker’s, B5 and B3, and Bouin’s fixative.Fixed tissues exhibit vibrant staining, better nuclear and cytoplasmic detail,a crisp appearance even after long-term storage, and a much more natural look and feel than formalin-fixed tissue.