VWR Life Science TG-SDS Buffer

M148-4L M149-40L
97063-878 97063-882
VWR Life Science TG-SDS Buffer
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VWR offers multiple types of running buffers for both 1-D and 2-D protein gel electrophoresis in a variety of concentrations and packaging options for maximum flexibility and convenience

  • Convenient concentrations and packaging for common protein gel electrophoresis buffers
  • Excellent quality, consistency & resolution

The buffers used for protein electrophoresis maintain the pH and temperature of the environment as well as provide ions that carry electrical current. There are a variety of buffers available, although Tris-Glycine (TG) and TG-SDS have been the standards since their introduction.

Packaging options include powder, liquid concentrates, and Ready-Packā„¢, a foil pouch containing sufficient powder to prepare 1L of 10X concentrate.