VWR Life Science EZ-Vision® In-Gel Solution, 10,000X

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VWR Life Science EZ-Vision® In-Gel Solution, 10,000X
Electrophoresis Gels Agarose and Acrylamide
  • Immediate results
  • Easy and convenient
  • Eliminates the use of ethidium bromide

EZ-Vision® In-Gel Solution, 10,000X is a non-mutagenic, non-toxic fluorescent DNA Dye that is used as an in-gel or post-run stain to visualize DNA in agarose gels. EZ-Vision® In-Gel Solution is an excellent replacement for the often used, but hazardous ethidium bromide.  As an in-gel preparation for electrophoresis, EZ-Vision® In-Gel Solution is simply added to molten agarose prior to gel casting, allowing instant visualization of DNA bands upon UV exposure. Alternatively, EZ-Vision® In-Gel Solution can be used to stain the gel after electrophoresis.