VWR Life Science Antibody Signal Enhancer

M336-200ML M336-1L
71005-964 71005-960
VWR Life Science Antibody Signal Enhancer
Protein Linking and Labeling Systems
  • Improve detection of low abundance proteins
  • Conserve valuable antibody reagents
  • No extra incubation steps required

Antibody Signal Enhancer is a Western blotting antibody diluent that increases intensity of protein detection up to 5-fold compared to conventional blotting. The enhancer is a ready-to-use solution that replaces TBS-T with non-fat dry milk, or other diluent, for antibody incubation steps. It is formulated for use with HRP- and biotin-conjugated antibodies and works with both PVDF and nitrocellulose blots. Antibody Signal Enhancer is stable at room temperature and is a non-hazardous formulation.