VWR Life Science Cyclo-Prep™PCR Clean Up Kit

Supplier: VWR

K600-50RXN K600-50RXN
CA97063-566 97063-566
VWR Life Science Cyclo-Prep™PCR Clean Up Kit
DNA/RNA Clean-up Kits
  • Rapid isolation of PCR fragments
  • Fast spin column format
  • Pure product ideal for cloning & sequencing

The VWR Cyclo-Prep™ PCR Clean Up Kit is a spin column-based purification kit for the rapid isolation of PCR fragments following amplification. After clean-up, ultra-pure isolated DNA may be used for restriction enzyme digestion, labeling, hybridization, ligation, DNA cloning and fluorescent sequencing protocols. The Cyclo-Prep™ PCR Clean Up Kit contains all necessary reagents for DNA purification with no hazardous phenol or chloroform, making it both safe and effective. Add 64 mL of Ethanol to Wash Buffer before use.

Ordering information: Kit includes Binding Buffer 55 mL, Wash Buffer 16 mL, Elution Buffer 10 mL, 50 Spin Columns, and 50 Collection Tubes. Contains sufficient reagents for 50 isolations.