VWR Life Science PCR Mix, 2X

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VWR Life Science PCR Mix, 2X
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  • Eliminates ethidium bromide hazards
  • Time savings
  • Streamlines PCR sample handling and processing

Ready PCR Mix, 2X, offers a single-step procedure for performing PCR reactions followed by analysis on agarose gels without the addition of loading buffer. All components for assembly and performance of PCR reactions as well as loading and visualization of PCR products on agarose gels are included. The user supplies primer and template DNA.

Ready PCR Mix is supplied as a 2X mixture of reaction buffer, VWR’s Extender™ DNA polymerase blend, dNTPs, electrophoresis tracking dye and a non-mutagenic EZ-Vision® visualization dye. Once amplification is complete, the PCR reaction can be directly loaded and separated on an agarose gel using the magenta-colored tracking dye (migrates at approximately 10bp on a 1% gel) to monitor the migration. After electrophoresis the PCR products are immediately visualized with standard UV illumination without additional post-run staining and destaining steps. VWR’s Extender™ PCR-to-Gel Master Mix, 2X contains the same formulation as Ready PCR Mix, 2X without the fluorescent DNA Dye.

Ready PCR Mix includes all reagents except template and primer DNA.

Extender Master Mix includes all reagents except fluorescent DNA Dye, DNA template and primer DNA.