VWR Life Science A.C.E.™ Buffers

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97063-582 97063-644 97063-502 97063-504
VWR Life Science A.C.E.™ Buffers
Buffers Biological Buffers
These optimized buffers for DNA capillary electrophoresis sequencing provide excellent results, long read lengths, high resolution, and consistent run times

  • Long Read Lengths
  • High Resolution
  • Consistent Run Times

A.C.E.™ 10X Sequencing Buffer concentrate is conveniently diluted to the desired working concentration, thereby providing an easy and cost-effective buffer for your operating systems. VWR’s A.C.E.™ 1X Sequencing Buffer comes ready-to-use, no dilution required, offering convenience and time savings. The tinted buffers have a slight pink hue in order to help the user differentiate between VWR’s A.C.E.™ buffer and any other water, buffer, or solution in the sequencer. Tinted A.C.E.™ buffers have the same high-quality formulation as all A.C.E.™ products, delivering consistent and reproducible results.