VWR Life Science Visual Violet™ Gel Kit

VWR Life Science Visual Violet™ Gel Kit
Stains Electrophoresis Stains
  • Increase cloning efficiency
  • No post-run staining or destaining
  • Compatible with downstream cloning applications

The Visual Violet™ Gel Kit provides an in-gel stain that eliminates the need for UV irradiation of agarose gels to visualize DNA bands. Since UV light introduces nicks as well as other lesions in DNA, it can impact downstream applications sensitive to DNA damage. With Visual Violet™, cloning efficiency can increase 3 to 5-fold over that obtained with ethidium bromide stained gels. Bands are visible immediately after electrophoresis with the naked eye or on a white (visible spectrum) light box without destaining. Fragments may be excised and purified for use in downstream applications by conventional methods including spin-column chromatography and alcohol precipitation.

A 6X loading buffer is included with the Visual Violet™ stain since common tracking dyes can interfere with Visual Violet™, leading to poor resolution and band distortion.

Ordering information: Includes:
Visual Violet™ Gel Stain, 200X, 15 ml
Visual Violet™ Loading Buffer, 6X, 2 ml
Sufficient for 30 x 100 ml gels