Phenol : chloroform : iso-amyl alcohol (125:24:1) (v/v/v), Biotechnology Grade

Supplier: VWR

E277-400ML E277-100ML
97064-744 97064-742
Phenol : chloroform : iso-amyl alcohol (125:24:1) (v/v/v), Biotechnology Grade
Phenol : Chloroform : iso-Amyl alcohol
For RNA purification, it is best to use a phenol or phenol:chloroform mixture with a pH of 4.5 to 5.5. Although phenol alone will purify RNA in these extractions, messenger RNA can collect with the DNA at the inter-phase in the complete absence of chloroform. The ratio of phenol to chloroform can vary from no chloroform to a 1:1 mixture, depending on the individual tissue and the character of the RNA being purified. For many applications, a 5:1 ratio of phenol:chloroform is a recommended starting point. The phenol used for extraction protocols must be highly purified and essentially free of contamination by phenolic acid, a product of phenol oxidation. VWR’s phenol products are manufactured from the purest crystalline phenol to ensure optimal results.

  • Manufactured Using Exceptionally High Purity Phenol that is Double Distilled & Packaged Under Nitrogen
  • Liquid Phenols Offer a Safer, Easier Alternative to Crystalline Phenol
  • Optimized pH for the Purification of RNA
  • Long Term Stability > One Year

MDL Number: MFCD00133763
CAS Number: 136112-00-0
UN: 2810
ADR: 6.1,III