Gold-N-Gel™ 200X, Biotechnology Grade RNA gel stain

Gold-N-Gel™ 200X, Biotechnology Grade RNA gel stain
  • Safer than ethidium bromide
  • Immediate band visualization with UV illumination - no post-run staining or destaining
  • Easy-to-use

Supplied as a 200X concentrate, Gold-N-Gel™ RNA Stain is a non-mutagenic, fluorescent in-gel stain for immediate visualization of RNA bands on denaturing agarose gels. Gold-N-Gel™ RNA Stain is compatible with most standard protocols for denaturing electrophoresis of RNA fragments. Bands are immediately visible upon illumination with UV light. A standard ethidium bromide filter can be used for gel documentation. Available in 12.5mL solution and in 5 or 15mL dropper bottle sizes.

Specification Test Results
Abs.@ Lambda Max 0.6 - 0.7
Lambda Max 338 - 345 nm
RNase NONE / Fail