VWR Life Science RNA Ez-Vision®, Loading Buffer, 1.5X

VWR Life Science RNA Ez-Vision®, Loading Buffer, 1.5X
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RNA EZ-Vision® is a non-mutagenic fluorescent dye for staining RNA bands resolved on denaturing agarose gels containing formaldehyde

  • Ideal for environments needing to reduce use of ethidium bromide
  • Recommended for denaturing agarose gels with formaldehyde
  • Sensitive to 150 ng of RNA
  • Compatible with downstream applications including Northern blots

Supplied in a 1.5X loading buffer, RNA EZ-Vision® dye stains RNA during the denaturation immediately prior to gel loading. The dye comigrates with the RNA samples during electrophoresis and provides immediate band visualization upon illumination with UV light. No post run staining or destaining is needed. The loading buffer includes formamide and bromophenol blue tracking dye.