Micro Cover Glasses, Erie Scientific

24X55-1-601640G 25X60-1-601640 15CIR-1-601640G 24X24-1-001G 24X551 12CIR-1 12CIR-1-601640G 24X60-2-601640G
48382-138 89082-272 56700-194 89082-270 CA48382-138 CA48366-251 48366-251 48382-139
Micro Cover Glasses, Erie Scientific
Slides and Cover Glasses Cover Glasses
Cover glasses are free from ragged edges, striae, oily film, and fingerprints

Glass exhibits uniform quality and is resistant to corrosion and fogging. Precision uniformity in thickness, flatness, and size. Supplied in 1 oz. increments