Corning® HYPERStack® Cell Culture Vessels

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Corning® HYPERStack® Cell Culture Vessels
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Corning® HYPERStack® cell culture vessels combine the best of two Corning products: the Corning CellSTACK® and the Corning HYPERFlask® cell culture vessels. The utilization of gas-permeable film technology provided in the spatial footprint of the CellSTACK vessel allows the HYPERStack platform to be the most efficient, scalable cell culture vessels for adherent cell culture available today.

  • More cells – provides up to 5X the growth surface area of a traditional cell culture vessel of comparable footprint
  • Closed system – no open fluid manipulations
  • Scalable product – multiple size offerings support scale-up and scale-out
  • Ergonomic design – easier manipulation with handling equipment and accessories
  • Fixed media volume – 0.2 mL/cm² fills vessel for less volumetric waste
  • Sterile – sterility assurance level (SAL) of 10-6

For accessories designed to facilitate the use of Corning HYPERStack cell culture vessels please see:
Corning 2 L Erlenmeyer flask with aseptic transfer cap (Cat. No. 89204-710), Corning 5 L Erlenmeyer flask with aseptic transfer cap (Cat. No. 10790-810), Corning Disposable Tubing Set for 850 cm² polystyrene bottle (89184-632), Corning 850 cm² polystyrene bottle (89184-640).