Nunc® IVF Petri Dishes, Thermo Scientific

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Nunc® IVF Petri Dishes, Thermo Scientific
Dishes Petri Dishes
Thermo Scientific Nunc® provide an extensive portfolio of products intended for use in human In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

The Nunc® IVF Petri Dish facilitates gas exchange with a vented lid, and comes in a variety of sizes for your applications.

Thermo Scientific Nunc® InVitro Fertilization Products provide security, safety and reproducibility for your valuable samples, and are uniquely certified based on a 1-cell stage mouse embryo toxicity test. Stringent lot-level manufacturing controls ensure viability, reliability and reproducibility.

Products are produced under ISO 13485, MEA tested, CE marked class II medical device and FDA cleared for use in IVF.

Certifications: CE and FDA