NAP-BLOCKER™ Non-Animal Protein Blocking Agent, G-Biosciences

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NAP-BLOCKER™ Non-Animal Protein Blocking Agent, G-Biosciences
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A major drawback of current blocking solutions, such as BSA, casein and milk powder, is that they are derived from animal sources

G-Biosciences' NAP-BLOCKER™, an animal-free protein blocking agent, is recommended for improved assay sensitivity, minimal non-specific binding, and a high signal-to-background ratio. NAP-BLOCKER™ ensures no cross-reaction with your animal source antigens and antibodies, due to being 100% free of animal proteins. NAP-BLOCKER™ is easy to use and generates high publication quality blots.
G-Biosciences' NAP-BLOCKER™ is free from biotin and other cross-reacting agents present in most of the animal source blocking agents. NAP-BLOCKER™ ensures uniform blocking without non-specific binding. It is simple to use, with improved results compared to milk powder preparations.
G-Biosciences' NAP-BLOCKER™ is supplied as a pre-made [2X] solution; simply dilute with any buffer and block nitrocellulose or PVDF membranes. Alternatively, NAP-BLOCKER™ is supplied in PBS or TBS buffers. NAP-BLOCKER™ is suitable for Western blots, dot blots, ELISA and assay development.

The presence of animal proteins can often lead to high non-specific backgrounds as antigens and antibodies, generated in animals, interact with the "blocking" animal proteins.

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