PCR Plate Sealers, Greiner Bio-One


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PCR Plate Sealers, Greiner Bio-One
Seals Microplate Sealing Films and Foils
Greiner Bio-One offers four different varieties of adhesive microplate sealing films and foils.

  • Acrylate adhesive coating
  • Transparency differs between models
  • Different seals are ideal for different applications

EASYseal™ is a transparent sealer used for protection against contamination and evaporation

All plate sealers are coated with an acrylate adhesive. VIEWseal™ is coated with a pressure sensitive silicone adhesive.

SILVERseal™ is an aluminum sealer ideal for PCR applications and storage of sample material and active agents. VIEWseal™ is highly transparent and is most suited for protein crystallography. AMPLIseal™ is ideal for real-time PCR.