Protein dotMETRIC™ Assay, G-Biosciences

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Protein dotMETRIC™ Assay, G-Biosciences
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Rapidly mix 1µL protein sample with the supplied dilution buffer and apply 1µL of the solution to the test strip by point-of-contact capillary action

For increased reproducibility and test reliability, the dotMETRIC™ kits are offered with an optional Spot Application Device. The Spot Application Device allows application of samples using fixed volume (1µL) capillary tips and simplifies the task of applying the protein solution on the test strips by point-of-contact capillary action. The Spot Application Device simplifies the application of one or more samples and improves the reliability of results. The dotMETRIC™ assay is able to resist common laboratory agents such as Triton® X-100, Triton® X-114, Thesit®, Tween® 20, Nonidet® P-40, SDS, reducing agents such as ß-mercaptoethanol and DTT, sugars, cobalt, EDTA, Tris buffers, and so forth.

For rapid estimation of protein concentration in cellular fractions, tissue and cell lysates, and chromatography purification fractions.

Under the assay’s specific buffer conditions the protein enters into the matrix of the test strip, binds and saturates as protein then diffuses in a circular manner. Develop the test strip in approximately five minutes. A circular protein spot is produced. By measuring the diameter of the spots with the Protein dotMETRIC™ scale you can easily determine concentration of protein. No expensive spectrophotometers or cuvettes required.

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