96 Well Non-binding Microplates, Non-Sterile, Greiner Bio-One

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96 Well Non-binding Microplates, Non-Sterile, Greiner Bio-One
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Greiner Bio-One's non-binding microplate surfaces prevent unwanted non-specific binding.

  • Non-binding
  • Nonsterile
  • Free of RNase, DNase, and human DNA
  • Nonpyrogenic

The surface is characterised by low protein, DNA and peptide binding properties to significantly improve data quality, especially in biochemical assays

All plates are free of detectable RNase, DNase, human DNA, and pyrogens.

Low amounts of biomolecular binding can cause an undesirable increase in background, resulting in decreased signal-to-noise ratio. The non-binding microplate surfaces significantly increase assay sensitivity by reducing background and improving signal-to-noise ratio. Non-binding microplates are available in black, white, and clear. Microplates include solid and µClear film well bottoms.

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