RNase-DETECT™ for Detection of RNase Contamination, G-Biosciences

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RNase-DETECT™ for Detection of RNase Contamination, G-Biosciences
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G-Biosciences' RNase-DETECT™ is a highly reliable and sensitive method to detect RNase activity in any reagent solution that has the potential for RNase contamination

G-Biosciences' RNase-DETECT™ kit contains a straightforward, non-radioactive-based assay that is simple to perform, yet offers sensitivity down to the femtogram level of RNase. You control the level of sensitivity by the period of time you allow for the reaction to incubate. Allowing overnight incubations at 40oC will result in maximal sensitivity (into the femtogram range). Everything is provided in the kit for simple and efficient detection of RNase activity in your solution of concern.

G-Biosciences' RNase-DETECT™ is compatible with a wide variety of reagent solutions, including SDS, Tris, salts, agarose, and so forth. It is suitable for assay solutions that can not be treated with DEPC.

G-Biosciences' RNase-DETECT™ kit is supplied with RNase substrate vials, reaction-loading dyes, and an easy to follow protocol for a quick analysis of the results. A Serial Dilution Ladder (SDL) detection technique is also supplied for rapid, clear detection of contamination.

RNase-DETECT™ does not utilize unreliable, tedious or expensive test strips or radioactive methods. With RNase-DETECT™, 10 µL of test solution is added to our calibrated RNA substrate vial, incubated, and the result can be viewed after 10 minutes by agarose electrophoresis.

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