Nucleic acid assay kit, NUCLEIC dotMETRIC™

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Nucleic acid assay kit, NUCLEIC dotMETRIC™
Assays Nucleic Acid Assays
G-Biosciences' NUCLEIC dotMETRIC™ kit provides a quick and accurate method for detecting and measuring nucleic acid concentration, including DNA, RNA and oligonucleotides

Samples in the range of 10 µg/µL to 1 ng/µL nucleic acid can be measured accurately regardless of the isolation method or storage buffer. Oligonucleotides as short as 16 bases have successfully been measured with NUCLEIC dotMETRIC™. Measurements are not affected by protein contamination in the sample. The lower detection limit of the system is 1-2 ng/µL, making NUCLEIC dotMETRIC™ one of the most sensitive methods available for measuring nucleic acids. Two separate protocols are offered for measuring nucleic acid concentration; either by measuring the diameter of nucleic acid spots or comparing the color density of the nucleic acid spots with that of a set of known standards.

G-Biosciences' NUCLEIC dotMETRIC™ kit is simple to use. Samples are diluted with dilution buffer and 1-5 µL spotted onto the NUCLEIC Test Strip, which are developed with NUCLEIC Dye in under 2 minutes. The dotMETRIC™ scale and spot diameter are compared for accurate nucleic acid concentrations. Alternatively, the color density of the nucleic acid spots is compared to the NUCLEIC standard strip. No spectrophotometers or cuvettes are required.

G-Biosciences' NUCLEIC dotMETRIC™ kit contains an optional, easy-to-use Spot Application Device for increased reproducibility and test reliability. This allows the application of samples using fixed volume capillary tips, simplifying the application of the nucleic acid solution and improving the reliability of results. Other accessories include: application glass capillary tips (1 µL), sample application pipettor tips (1-10 µL), and developing trays. G-Biosciences' NUCLEIC dotMETRIC™ assay is unaffected by the presence of common laboratory agents, such as reducing agents, chelating agents, detergents, amines, sugars, chaotropes, salts and other common laboratory agents. The kit is suitable for 300 assays.

The system uses a unique combination of proprietary reagents and test strips and is an alternative to spectrophotometry as no equipment or cuvettes are necessary. NUCLEIC dotMETRIC™ uses as little as one microliter of your sample and provides permanent results within 2 to 3 minutes.

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