GeneCAPSULE™ (G-CAPSULE™) for Extracting Nucleic Acids and Proteins, G-Biosciences

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GeneCAPSULE™ (G-CAPSULE™) for Extracting Nucleic Acids and Proteins, G-Biosciences
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G-Biosciences' GeneCAPSULE™ is an electro-elution tool for rapid, nearly 90% recovery of PCR products, DNA fragments and proteins from agarose and polyacrylamide gels

Electroelution through GeneCAPSULE™ is a gentle method that eliminates the risks of damage to DNA or protein samples commonly encountered in use of glass milk, spin columns, binding columns and other popular techniques. The GeneCAPSULE™ method is simple to perform and eliminates additional steps involving washing, spinning, heating or precipitation etc. The recovered DNA is of highest quality for use in molecular manipulations such as ligation, restriction enzyme digestion, sequencing, amplification, random priming, and other enzymatic reactions.

G-Biosciences' G-CAPSULE™ can be used for extraction of >20bp DNA and RNA or for >4kDa proteins. The G-CAPSULE™ Weight is a small weight device that prevents G-CAPSULE™ from floating during electroelution.

G-CAPSULE™ consists of mainly two parts, Gel-PICK™ - for picking DNA or protein band from the gel, and the Gene-TRAP™, which traps the migrating DNA or protein during electroelution.

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