CELLSTAR® Filter Cap Cell Culture Flasks, Greiner Bio One

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CELLSTAR® Filter Cap Cell Culture Flasks, Greiner Bio One
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A specific capillary pore membrane is used for the filter screw caps of CELLSTAR® filter cap cell culture flasks.

  • High airflow rate and optimal gas exchange
  • Additional standard screw caps, without filter, available on request
  • Improved cell adhesion through physical surface treatment
  • Cell culture flasks with filter screw caps
  • Canted neck
  • Graduation on both sides
  • Sterile and user-friendly packaging
  • 25cm², 75cm² and 175cm² cell culture flasks for variability of media volume

The defined pore diameter of 0.2 µm provides a sterile barrier against contamination

Due to the high airflow rate of the filter material, an optimal gas exchange is ensured.

Flasks are certified RNase-, DNase-free, and free of endotoxin (< 0.06EU/mL) for the most sensitive cell-based applications. Design of all flask formats allows efficient access to the cell lawn with cell scrapers and optimal access with pipettes. Flask options include 25, 75, and 182cm with plug-seal or filter (vented) caps. Filter cap flasks feature a 0.2 micron hydrophobic membrane for complete sterile gas exchange.

Flasks have raised rims for stacking. The 550mL flask has a low profile design. The 650mL flask has a high profile design. The red filter screw cap has a capillary 0.2µm pore diameter membrane and hydrophobic inner surface.