Upchurch Scientific® Inline Filters, IDEX Health & Science

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53501-416EA 173.4 USD
53501-422 53501-416 89218-736 21001-162 53500-660 53500-606 53498-598 53501-412 53498-596 21511-450 21511-000 53500-662 21511-442
Upchurch Scientific® Inline Filters, IDEX Health & Science
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Placed between the pump and sample injection valve, an inline solvent filter traps particles released through normal pump piston seal wear

Upchurch Scientific® inline solvent filters come in three "families" — MicroFilter®, analytical scale, and semi-prep scale. The Upchurch Scientific® inline MicroFilter® offers extremely low internal volume and 0.5 µm filtering porosity. The MicroFilter® can be connected with a variety of capillary tubing sizes (70–520 µm OD) using the provided fittings and Upchurch Scientific® MicroTight® tubing sleeves. Please search on product number 53403-002 for a selection of MicroTight® tubing sleeves.

Analytical scale inline solvent filter products can be further broken down into three categories: standard, biocompatible and those for very high pressure (VHP) applications, such as UHPLC. The standard and biocompatible lines offer easy connections to flow path tubing and a choice of frit porosities to customize the level of filtration. The special VHP inline filters can be used at pressures up to 15,000 psi (1,035 bar) and also offer a choice of frit porosity.

For an alternative to traditional inline filters, try Upchurch Scientific® Frit-In-A-Ferrules™. For more information and a listing of these products, search on product number 53501-430.

Semi-Prep Inline Filters feature larger frit surface areas, larger thru-holes, and larger overall volumes to accommodate the higher flow rates involved in analyses of this scale. Both standard and biocompatible options are available.

If left suspended in the fluid pathway, these particles would be flushed through to the sample injection valve, resulting in valve damage and further system contamination

Certifications: ROHS Certified, excluding 89218-734, 89218-736, 89218-738, and 89218-740.