VWR Life Science Ready One-Step RT-PCR Kit

VWR Life Science Ready One-Step RT-PCR Kit
Nucleic Acid Reagents RT-PCR and cDNA Reagents
  • One-Step cDNA synthesis
  • Convenient format
  • Load directly to the gel
  • Immediate visualization after electrophoresis
  • Includes safe alternative to ethidium bromide

Ready One-Step RT-PCR Kit offers a single-step procedure for performing RT-PCR reactions. Subsequent loading and visualization of RT-PCR products are streamlined since the loading buffer and visualization dye are included. The user supplies the primers and DNase-treated template RNA.

Ready One-Step RT-PCR Kit includes Ready One-Step Reverse Transcriptase and Ready One-Step RT-PCR Mix, 2X. Ready One-Step Reverse Transcriptase consists of M-MLV and a proprietary buffer that delivers robust cDNA synthesis from rare and abundant transcripts. Ready One-Step RT-PCR Mix, 2X consists of a mixture of reaction buffer, VWR’s Extender™ Taq polymerase blend, dNTPs, an electrophoresis tracking dye, and a non-mutagenic EZ-Vision® visualization dye. Once amplification is complete, the PCR reaction can be directly loaded and separated on an agarose gel using the magenta-colored tracking dye (migrating at approximately 10bp on a 1% gel). After electrophoresis the PCR products are immediately visualized with standard UV illumination without additional post-run staining and destaining steps.