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These shakers are engineered to create homogenous mixtures in any laboratory procedure. Capable of holding instruments without spilling the contained gels or blotted membranes, the devices operate gently, yet effectively. Shakers and mixers are ideal for mixing samples in blood and centrifuge tubes, as well as performing immunoassays and general microplate shaking. Easy-to-read displays feature time and speed, and timers can be set for pre-defined times to shut off after a certain countdown.

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VWR* Genemate rotator W/36X1. 5/2ML

Description: GeneMate Rotator Bundle
Catalog Number: H-6800
Supplier: GeneMate

Genemate Mixer miniature vortex Genemate

Description: GeneMate Mini-V Mixer
Catalog Number: S-7400-1
Supplier: GeneMate

Genemate Vortex mixture

Description: Vortex Mixer
Catalog Number: S-3200-1
Supplier: GeneMate

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